Individuals in the new economy of the 21st century require strength, flexibility, skills, and freedom to prosper. The first priority of the Peirce administration is to lift the roadblocks to growth.

The residents of Ohio are suffering through the difficult transition from an economy based on heavy industry to one of small, nimble, highly competitive firms without the support of its state government. Unfortunately, our politicians and state officials are still thinking in the past.

We are entering the 21st century with the highest taxes, the most burdensome regulations, and the most intrusive government in our history. Political favoritism and corruption have resulted in an oppressive and stifling place to do business. This is exactly the opposite of what you need to prosper.

While most of America is growing at a rapid pace, Ohio is one of the few states that is actually shrinking.

This is not a coincidence.

What can Individuals expect from Peirce’s plan, Freedom to Prosper?

  • Lower taxes. We will deliver the tax cuts planned by this legislature without creating any new taxes. The CAT tax will be eliminated with the rest of the Republicans’ new taxes.
  • More freedom to start your own business without restrictive regulations and unnecessary licenses.
  • Protection of your home and property from “Eminent Domain” abuse and “Bogus Blight”
  • Freedom to choose where your child attends school without residential restrictions.
  • A $3,000 grant to help you pay for your child’s education.