Property Rights


Over the last 30 years, Americans have witnessed the slow erosion of their rights to own property, and to use their property as they see fit.

“Eminent Domain” is the power of government to take your home and to use your land as our politicians decide.

Bill Peirce wants a Constitutional limit on Eminent Domain Abuse. Eminent Domain is abused when governments take your homes away to build shopping malls, parking lots, and private developments. Libertarians were successful in fighting eminent domain abuse in Lakewood, Ohio, and perhaps the Supreme Court will hear the notorious Norwood case.

Carl and Joy Gamble lived in this home in Norwood, Ohio until they were forced to move for a shopping mall.

More pictures of the Norwood situation.

For more information on Eminent Domain Abuse please visit The Institute for Justice and the Castle Coalition.


Under Ohio’s current system, property owners are actually penalized for improving their home or land. The more you build, the better it looks, the more money you pay in taxes.

It is no wonder that over time, homes and businesses begin to look run-down. Our government penalizes us for looking successful by increasing our property taxes.

Bill Peirce has a new plan for property tax reform. Under Bill’s plan, homeowners would pay a tax based on the inherent value of their land and its location. Any improvements to the property would not be taxed. This encourages development, and encourages people to improve their homes without the fear of higher taxes.