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Blackwell proposed to sell the Ohio Turnpike. I like privatization in principle, but I doubt that Ohio politicians can be trusted to privatize anything without giving the assets to their cronies. If we are not extremely cautious, it would be a Russian-style privatization that favors some big contributor.

The use suggested for the proceeds is even more questionable. He mentioned an Ohio Venture Capital Fund, which would be a slush fund for the politically connected firms, and programs to stabilize energy prices–again giving money to politicians to play their games.

If we privatize anything, give the gains to taxpayers immediately in the form of tax reductions.


This recent editorial was sent by Bill Peirce to the Columbus Dispatch. You can read the entire article on their website:

Many are outraged by Scotts Miracle-Gro’s decision to fire smokers (Your smokes or your job,” Dispatch article, Dec. 9). They should not be. Once a firm or a government decides to help you by paying for your medical care, your body no longer belongs to you. It becomes state or corporate property.

Private employers are just beginning to exercise the control over employees’ bodies that has become commonplace in government health systems. For example, obese people in East Suffolk, England, will no longer receive knee or hip replacements from the National Health Service. (More detail is available in Dani Garavelli’s article in Scotland on Sunday, Nov. 27.)


Bill Peirce recently responded to a candidate survey from the advocacy group Ohioans For Concealed Carry.

  • Florida recently passed, and Michigan is currently considering, legislation removing the duty to retreat from a self-defense situation and allowing any citizen to stand his/her ground if attacked in a place he/she has a legal right to be. Would you support or oppose similar legislation if it was introduced in Ohio.

I support legislation that confirms that individuals have the right to defend themselves and their homes.

  • Do you feel that the government should disarm citizens in times of emergency as was done in New Orleans?
  • It is a terrible mistake to disarm honest citizens, especially in an emergency when law enforcement breaks down or is stretched thin.
  • We believe education is true prevention. States such as Florida have adopted legislation mandating statewide education of youngsters using the NRA’s “Eddie Eagle” program. This program teaches children who come across a gun to “STOP! Don’t Touch! Leave the Area! Tell an Adult!” and never users images of guns in its material. Ohio has approved minimal funding for this program in the past, but never implemented it as a mandatory safety precaution. Would you support or oppose legislation to mandate this training in classrooms statewide at an age when we teach children to “Stop, Drop, Roll!”?

I would endorse and encourage the use of the NRA’s Eddie Eagle program in the schools, but I do not support further mandates on the schools, even for such good causes.

Peirce’s responses are typical in the libertarian sense of unwavering support for the Second Amendment. With his common sense approach that is garnering attention from both conservatives and progressives who are worried about encroachments on Constitutional rights, more Ohioans are taking his candidacy for governor as a positive step towards a better tomorrow.


We have to admit, we love the blogosphere! So it’s only appropriate that Dr. Bill Peirce’s first interview is with blogger Stephen Bach of the libertarian website BachTalk. Here’s one part of the interview, Bill responds to what makes him uniquely qualified to be the next Ohio governor:

BachTalk: How has your background in economics helped you to develop your proposals, and how would it help you if you were elected governor?

William Peirce: Every candidate in this campaign has to talk about jobs and economic growth because of the high unemployment rate and loss of manufacturing jobs in Ohio. My opponents keep talking about their programs and subsidies, but I have spent much of my professional career studying the damage that taxes do to the economy and the inability of politicians to know which firms and technologies are going to be successful. I will have to use both my campaign and my term as Governor to teach the limits of government and the power of the market.

DAYTON DAILY NEWS – Nov 21st, 05

The Libertarian Party of Ohio this month officially nominated Bill Peirce as its candidate for governor.

The party, which has about 800 dues-paying members, unanimously approved Peirce’s nomination at its state convention.

Peirce is an economics professor emeritus of Case Western Reserve University, where he has worked since 1966, according to his Web site.

Robert Butler, party executive director, said Pierce is a specialist in economics and government bureaucracy.

“None of the other candidates have that kind of experience,” he said.

Butler said getting the 5,000 signatures needed by May should be easy for Peirce, whose campaign has so far raised about $20,000.

“Dr. Peirce is really the perfect person to straighten out Ohio’s economy, improve the job situation and bring new investment to the state,” Butler said.


Supreme Court of Ohio Hearing Arguments on Norwood Case
Libertarians to Sponsor Amendment to Ohio Constitution

The Supreme Court of Ohio will hear oral arguments regarding the demolition of Joe Horney’s and Carl and Joy Gamble’s homes on Wednesday, September 28th at 9AM.

The Libertarian Party of Ohio, the Peirce for Ohio campaign, and other property rights groups are currently organizing a petition effort to amend the Ohio Constitution.

We NEED YOUR HELP to save our property rights!!

Please come to the Supreme Court of Ohio, 65 South Front Street, Columbus, Ohio 43215-3431 at 8AM Wednesday the 28th to join our press conference in support of a Constitutional Amendment. Your presence will send a clear message to Ohio’s politicians: Our property rights are the foundation of democracy.

Your financial support is sorely needed. The real estate developers and property abusers are well-financed. They will surely launch a campaign to smear our efforts. We need your financial help to push the process forward and get the message out to the voters.

If you want to see a real change to the Ohio Constitution to protect your right to own a home and business, please make a generous contribution.

Together we can do it!


Soil Rights
Can Cleveland use property taxes to prod intransigent developers?
By David W. Martin

Published: Wednesday, September 10, 2003

When support for the new convention center collapsed, so did the hopes of developing Scranton Peninsula, a scrubby thumb of land in the Cuyahoga River valley. The 70-acre cape has an industrial past, an almost nonexistent present, and the potential to be an invigorating downtown neighborhood. “There’s something about it,” says Charles Scaravelli, who owns six acres on the peninsula. “It’s a very attractive place. You’re in the city, and yet you aren’t.”

PEIRCE ON PBS – Sep 8th, 05

See the Bill Peirce interview! Our candidate for Ohio Governor will be on “The State of Ohio” PBS program this weekend. Statehouse News Reporter Karen Kasler asks Bill Peirce the tough questions you’ll want to hear answered!

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