Plans for Ohio

Bill Peirce has a three point plan to immediately improve Ohio’s economy. A better economy will lead to better jobs, better incomes, and better lives for all Ohioans.

Step One: Lift the Roadblocks to Growth

  • Eliminate all of the tax increases included in the Taft budget, especially the commercial activities tax (CAT).
  • Limit the growth of state spending to no more than the change in population plus inflation (as measured by the Consumer Price Index).
  • End the state monopoly on Workers’ Compensation Insurance. Let firms choose among private insurance companies and phase out the state Bureau of Worker’s Compensation.
  • Encourage the choice of Medical Savings Accounts to introduce personal choice and individual responsibility into the market for medical care, including Medicaid. Reduce the costs of Medicaid without changing benefits by updating its 1970’s era computer system, introducing new management techniques, reducing the bureaucracy, and eliminating special interest pork.
  • End special favors to particular businesses. Reduce taxes and regulations so that all businesses have an equal chance.

Step Two: Protect Private Property

  • Protect homes, businesses, and farms from “eminent domain” abuse by forbidding the government from taking your land to build shopping malls, parking lots, and other private developments.
  • Reform the property tax to exempt homes and other improvements. This will allow market forces to improve private development without eminent domain and stop penalizing property owners for improving their land.

Step Three: Improve Education

  • Allow parental and school choice in education. A $3,000 state grant will be given to any school, public or private, chosen by the parents to instruct their child.
  • Give student admission and disciplinary authority to the the school and its principal, without regard to the student’s place of residence.